Crack Netflix Premium Accounts

Crack Netflix Premium Accounts

Crack Netflix Premium Accounts in this Tutorial i’m going to be showing an easy public cracking tutorial this is the easy way of cracking just to teach the people that don’t know.
i will not be providing links to download programs in this tutorial you guys can find it yourself. I will only be giving out names of the programs.
this is a public easy tutorial for people that want to learn how to crack accounts
this is just teaching people an easy cracking tutorial.

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STEP 1. Okay so i will try to keep this nice a simple you will need three programs
1. SQLi Dumper

2. Dork Searcher EZ
3. Dork Generator

4. Good Netflix Checker (you can find online good checkers or you can pay for some)

STEP 2. You want to get dorks for Netflix (in this case is Netflix but you can get it for w.e you want to crack)
1. Go to this site Click Here and Sing up then on search for keyword search Netflix and get all the keywords (search for whatever you want to hit for this tutorial i pick Netflix)
2. Now put all those keywords in the dork generator i told you to download.
3. Make them single line words and generate dorks.
[pricing-table-for-woo id=4]
STEP 3. Run Dork Seacher EZ put the dorks search on your web search Bing and Yahoo put anti public gather more than 2,500 or 3,000 websites depends to you the stop getting urls

STEP 4. Open SQL Dumper and put the links there search for injectable links then search for exploitable links and search admin, email, password, user, username go to Dumper and get your Combo

STEP 5. Open your Netflix Checker or what ever Checker you got get socks 4 proxies i showed how to do that here: Click Me then put you Combolist and proxies and start the checker.

NOTE: This is an easy way on how to get Netflix Accounts now if you want to get Premiums Accounts then you will need a good working Checker you will need HQ Proxies you can buy them also you can buy HQ Combolist for Netflix and you will 100% get Premium Accounts all the time so just keep that in mind this tutorial is for people to have an idea of how it works. Most people i know that crack account buy Combos and Proxies. I don’t sell combos or proxies so don’t ask me lol. Also know that when searching for tools some of them have Virus so Be Careful.

Hope you guys enjoyed this simple tutorial i might make another tutorial more advance in the future and with more details

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