Walmart Giftcard Method 2020

Walmart Giftcard Method 2020

Walmart Giftcard Method 2020 (My Private Method) from 2014-2017

Is my private method from 2014 to 2017 and I earned hug money from this way ( 87 BTC)

Until Walmart stopped selling Giftcards delivery by email (Because I fucked ..) ;)

Now they are starting again to sell Giftcards (Walmart , PSN , Google Play Giftcards )

[pricing-table-for-woo id=4]

I never before don’t said this method to anyone

What Was My Method ?!

First I bought a lot walmart accounts (they was from real costumers ) from darknet and also a few seller in ABH

I paid good money for them and seller didn’t know what I can with them :)

I checked all them (more then 10000 accounts) and I changed email address for good accounts of them

I used Private socks that was have a lot good socks proxy (exact locations )

After few days from email changing time I start to card and selected giftcard delivery by email ($10 , $15 ,$20 , $50 , $100 Walmart )

or PSN , iTunes and Google Play Giftcards

It took between five and a half hours to get the card delivery , then I sell them in one site instead of BTC

or I was sell them on my G2A account to costumers (in other thread I will write my method for G2A)

I used from private and public cc (some time I use from one good cc on few account and was ok)

so all type USA cc worked for me and of course Amex

Materials Required : :cool:
– Walmart old account
– Good socks5 match with address
– USA cc all most Amex (private was better because I use them again to buy giftcard )
-Good email address (gmail I used)
– Time zone with cardholder location (IP)
– Patience (I created a lot email address with names owner accounts then change them and I was wait for one week and more for start to card)


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