What is card the world?

card the world provides to you to make some easy money, our verified sellers and  professional staff includes computer experts, skimming hardware installers and forwarding teams. We sell cloned and prepaid credit cards and transfer money via PayPal or Western Union Since 2015. With us, you will receive the most trusted and security carding service across to the DarkNet.escrow accepted

What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept payments by Bitcoin. It is the best way to process these types of transactions, as it is the most anonymous and popular option out there.

Do I need to give you my full address?

No. You do not necessarily have to order them straight to your door. It is up to you where you want the cards delivered. For example, you can have them shipped to a post office or courier service office.

Is the money transfer service through PayPal or Western Union safe?

seller reply:Of course, money sent from clean and verified accounts with no trace of the source of the money.

Do you cash out the cards yourselves?

seller reply:, yet not every single one, that would be definitely unreasonable and too risky. We need to spread the traces around the world to make sure the cards are not traced back to one single area where we cash them out, rather than that the traces are all over the world. It makes it easier for us to cash them out safely. We also cannot cash them all out, the amount of money gone from the ATMs would attract some unwanted attention that could lead to a serious investigation in our area of operation.

Is there a warranty for cards?

seller reply:Yes, if the card you received does not work for any reasons even though we check each card before it is sent we will refund you or send a replacement according to your choice.

What are the daily withdrawal limits from the cards?

seller reply: The cloned cards: 1000 $ per day | The prepaid cards: 1500 $ per day

Can I receive the digital information of the card without physical card?

seller reply:Sure, you can tell us you want to the digital infomation of the card, We can send it to you through email.

Is it possible to refill the Prepaid card?

seller reply:Yes. Every card has its own corresponding virtual bank account that we cannot give out due to security reasons. Altough we can make use of it simply by refilling your card. For that we will need you to mail us your card credentials. We charge 10% of the amount you want the card to be refilled with. It is a new feature, but you do not have to worry about anything, your safety is in fact our priority too.

What if I want to cash out in a different currency than USD?

seller reply:The cards’ balances will get exchanged automatically basing on the current exchange rates, including a small fee that we can do nothing about. It is not much, so we guarantee it will not hit you hard.

How safe are those cards in reality?

seller reply:Prepaid cards are absolutely zero-risk. It is the best to remain as unsuspicious as it is possible while using them. It is impossible to track you down solely by your look, unless you are a celebrity of course. Cloned cards come with a risk, if you do not have any experience in using clones, we would not recommend them.

Can I use prepaid cards online?

seller reply:Yes, prepaid cards are safe to use online. But We do not suggest use cloned cards online.

How do I make an order?

You can go to the Products home page choose the product you are interested in and press on the “add to cart”then checkout button.

Where can I get Bitcoin?

You can buy them on various bitcoin marketplaces on clearnet. The sites we would personally recommend are localbitcoins.com, coinbase.com or cex.io

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