СARDING TUTORIAL WHAT IS CC Hello, my dear friend!

If you first came to this website and else don`t know, what`s what, I will try to explain. My website and this tutorial helps you make some money.
You don`t become a millioner, but, if you`ll do all rigth, you can get 4-8 thousand of dollars. If you able man, then, maybe, more.
This tutorial is written for beginners, there will be describe to basic working moments . Basic knowlenge, that you must have before starting the work.
So, let`s go.
 What is сarding? It`s using credit cards of other`s people, its requisite to pay for something.
What is CC? It`s “credit card”.
As you already understand, you came in shop of credit card.
What do you get, buying the “СС”?

4783420000405600|1120|730| Samantha Jasak |1909 Condado Place | 706-796-6020 |30815| Hephzibah |GA|USA|1. It`s number CC, it often composed of 16 numerals
2. Date of finished validity card
3. CCV – protected code,composing of 3 numerals, sometimes of 4 4. Name and surname of cardholder
5. Adress of cardholder
6. Telefone number of cardholder
7. Zip-code of cardholder
8. Sity, there live cardholder
9. State, there live carddholder

So, you have a card! For starters, I recommend to buy a few card (10, for example) because beginner will be difficult to make all right the first
time.You`re need to train. Don`t worry, your expences will pay off with first buying. There are difference ways to use CC. For example, with its help
you can pay hotels, air-tickets, add payment systems and, after this, cash money by any comfotable ways.But, in my opinion, for beginner the simplest
way to make profit from carding is a stuff carding. Stuff carding – it`s a buying in online-store with help credit card of other`s people.
What do we need for this?
1. CC
2. VPN
3. Dedicated server
4. Online-store
5. Telefone number for call in online-store
6. Adress for get of goods

I will tell you in order about buying from online-store USA on CC USA. But concept of actions everythere look like. You can repite it and in other
We buy of 10 CC USA. On request “VPN buy” we find a lot of supply, as use it, read in this site. It`s very easy, can understang even children. Dedicated
server – it`s remote access to other computer, Thus, all operation you will do from other computer. Dedicated server we can buy in onlinestore, but
not for your personal money, for bougth CC.Or you can buy on a forums for your money. Server must be the same country as a bougth CC.
After shopping ask the seller to explain as to use Dedicated Server.
If you are before this moment did`t head about such termins, don`t scare, all easier, then you think.
Find of onlinestore
Don`t have to go in big stores, as a “Bestbuy” or “Walmart” – there very serious means of protected. We need a small stores, I advice to find their in
online-catalogs of stores, at the same time you can read rewies about them. It`s very important, that the stores sent goods on Shipping adress which
is different from Billing Address. Billing Address – is a adress real cardholder ; Shipping Address – address, where we`ll go to our goods. Cards,
which creare in Canada, USA,UK, have a verification for online shopping on identity Billing and Shipping addresses. So, can`t make to written other
Billing address. It`s verification names the AVS (Address Verification System) Further, we`ll need telefone number, no related with you, or you can buy
telefone number in Skype (using your CC). When you find a few suited sites, begin to call and ask, they are sending goods on Shipping address, if
it`s difference from Billing Address. Explain supporter that you`re away frome home, but you very nessesary in this good it now, you want to make
presents to your cousin. You need to call in 10 of such stores, then, choose the goods and start to enter information CC in store. After payment always
call to supporter, report to payment and ask, when they will send goods. I advise you to choose inexpensive goods, begin by goods with price
500-1000$. For example, small home appliances. Remined to find the address, where`ll goods come. In this will help us to Forwarding Service, we can find
such organisation in Intertet. It will become an intermediary and will provide us the address, on which the store send us the goods, afer it will
send your goods in any country of the world. Pay for this services your personal money. So, now we got to wait track our goods in e-mail. You must have
a difference e-mail for every card. Can use to any from free.
If the real cardholder finds out, that his money was taken with his card, he can cancel to transfer. If he doesn`t finf out about it, all right, wait to
track, our goods send to intermediary. You can leave goods for youself or sell it on E- BAY and get money. It`s all, that I want to tell you. Try
and you will succeed!

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